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2020 Winner of the
People of Play TAGIE Award!

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The first ever diverse & gender-balanced deck of cards

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Why should the Queen be worth less than the King?!

When we couldn’t come up with a good enough answer for why the Queen card was worth less than the King, we took matters into our own hands.

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Creating Change Through Play

queeng cards art
queeng cards art

With Queeng, we created a diverse and equal environment through play, one of the most innate aspects of humanity.

This subtle message ingrains love and respect for all people of the world in us from a young age through simply playing a game of cards.


Your Favorite Games, But Better

Queeng is an updated version of the classic deck of playing cards, but still works with all the original principles, so you can play ANY card game with it -- Go Fish, Poker, Gin Rummy, etc. 


Instead of the classic hierarchy of King, Queen and Jack royal face cards, Queeng’s suits come with: Monarchs (male & female), Dukes & Duchesses, Princes & Princesses

queeng cards
queeng cards
queeng cards
queeng cards
queeng cards
queeng cards

Level Up Your Playtime

queeng cards diversity

Integrate diversity and equality into yours & your children’s lives in an informal way

queeng cards diversity

Ensure that everyone around you will feel represented within the deck

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Update a game known and loved for hundreds of years to be relevant to our generation

queeng cards art

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